kerb Cutters

Kerb Cutters

Special Features :

  • Suitable for wet or dry cutting for concrete or asphalt floors/kerbs.
  • Light & easy to handle.
  • Cutting depth indication.
  • Sturdy wheels on bearings.
  • Straight line cut indicator.
  • Removable blade guard.
  • Tail wheel on bigger models.
  • Advance : manual on smaller sizes, chain gear transmission on medium & hydraulic advance on bigger sizes.
  • Water tanks on small & medium sizes, self priming water pump on bigger sizes, diesel engine/ electrical supply lines.
  • Emergency stop switch.
  • Depth cutting adjusted by wheel or with hydraulic system.



Water Tank 30 Ltr.Water Tank 50 Ltr.Water Tank 60 Ltr.Electr. PumpElectr. PumpElectr. PumpElectr. Pump
EM 10 H.P/ F.M.D.E 12 H.P.15 H.P. Electric/ 16 H.P.D.E.20 H.P. Electric Motor25 H.P. Electric Motor30 H.P. Electric Motor40 H.P. Electric Motor
50 H.P. Electric Motor
Hand / ElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricElectricElectric
137x70x90 cm140x75x105 cm160x80x105 cm170x85x107 cm182x87x110 cm190x90x112 cm195x95x115 cm
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