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Plate Compactor

'Jayem' vibratory plate compactor is a powerful equipment for quick and perfect soil compaction. It is universally applicable for all compaction works upto 500 mm" compaction depth. Oue vibratory plate compactor & industrial earth rammers are best suitable for all types of soils and sub-grades as well as earth, gravel, broken rocks, chips, dry concrete, bituminous coarse base, plinth fillings, embankments, foundations, bridge abutments, railway tracks consolidations, patches ramps, factory floors, ramps, runways, platform, road shoulders, bridge foundations, cable laying, piling structures, underfloors, canal, banks, tren ch beds etc.

Special Features :

  • Conforming to is: 5889-1970.
  • High compaction capacity.
  • Easy operation & less maintenance cost.
  • High gradient capability.
  • High working speed at low cost.
  • Robust design.

Specification :

Model No.JVC-150JVC-200JVC-250JVC-300JVC-251
Compaction Capacity1-2Tones3-4Tones6-8Tones8-10Tones8-10Tones
Compaction Plate Size22.5"x15.5" 550x390mm2'.2"x1'.4" 660x410mm2'.8"x1'8"/ 800x500mm3'.2"x2'.2"/ 965x650mm2'.8"x1'.8"/ 800x500mm
Travel Speed (ft/min)50ft66ft68ft55ft40ft
Gradient Capacity20%20%20%20%20%
 Direction of TravelForwardForwardForwardForwardForward
Depth Effect (Depends on type of soil)6inch10inch16inch20inch20inch
Net Weight (approx)110kg200kg350kg650kg350kg
 Vibration Frequency (approx)3000V.P.M3000V.P.M3000V.P.M3000V.P.M3000V.P.M
Power Units2H.P. Petrol/Kerosene or Electric Motor3H.P. Petrol Engine or Greaves Diesel Engine or Electric Motor4.8H.P. Greaves Diesel Engine or 5H.P. Electric Motor or Greaves Model 1510, 9H.P. Diesel Engine9H.P. Greaves Model 1510, Air Cooled Diesel Engine or 7.5H.P. Electric Motor5H.P. Electric Motor

Tamping Rammer

We are a leading manufacturer of this comprehensive range of tamping rammers. They have high compaction capacity and are universally applicable for all compaction works up to 500 mm compaction depth.

They are widely used in road, railway and municipal engineering of subgrade compaction of the slope, and maintenance, and can also be used in bridge, reservoir, dam foundation engineering of compaction and various groove, culverts, indoor, as the construction yard ground narrow. Machines are accommodated with handle kit for easy transportation and the 4-stroke engine is all closed design enhancing the protection of engine.


  • Low gravity design makes operation more stable
  • Easier maintenance and goof life

Technical Specifications :

Jump Height40-65mm40-65mm
Advance Speed10-13m/min10-13m/min
Impact Frequency420-650times/min600-700times/min
Motor3H.P. / 3Phase6.5H.P.
Net Weight70kgs78kgs

Walk Behind Vibratory Roller

These modern compact designed walk behind vibratory roller are engineered for operation on various types of soils in tropical conditions. Accommodated with mechanical drive with integrated travel control eases the operation effort required for movement.

It’s closely set double drums results in high compaction performance and has necessary gradient climbing ability. These rollers are ideal for small repairs in both base and asphalt course. They are electrically operated and have self starting arrangements.


  • Suitable for general repair / maintenance of Roads and Highways
  • Construction of Hard shoulders, Parking Areas & Footpaths.
  • Compaction of Road base and bituminous surface.
  • Marginal Strips, Playgrounds.
  • Housing Estate Roads, Factory Building
  • Construction of paths for agriculture and forestry and compaction of sub structure.
  • Compaction of Canal Slope, Edge compaction for rock fill Dam projects. gradient capacity


  • Static Weight Kgs :800
  • Drum Width mm : 690
  • Drum Dia mm : 400
  • Drum Shell Tks mm : 10


  • With Vibration : 30
  • Without Vibration : 35


  • Greaves: Drive Hydraulic
  • Vibration: Hydraulic

Capacity Ltrs

  • Hydraulic Oil Tank, : 25
  • Fuel Tank : 5.5
  • Water** : 25
  • Both Tank for oil
  • Another for hydraulic Oil


  • Air cooled diesel engine
  • Performance / HP: 4.8/9.9
  • Din 6270 at 3000 RPM
  • Travel Speed km/hr : 2.5


  • System : Hydraulic
  • Frequency Hz : 50
  • Centrifugal Force KN : 19.6
  • Total Applied force kgs : 2800

Optional Accessories:

  • Water sprinkler type gravity
  • Remote mounting 12V
  • Dynastart with pully
  • 12V Electric Strart.
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